Reggie's Blog

Reg joined the company on 30th July 2016, an 11-week-old black and tan Jack Russell puppy. In the beginning he was a bit young to go out on viewings, etc, so he stayed in the office to entertain and provide company for the staff. Over the coming weeks he's become an integral part of the business.

During the summer, apart from playing ball in the garden and sleeping, he went with Mummy to various fetes and shows around the area, raising money for various community charities, and taking part in Congresbury Fete's Dog Show. This lead to an acting role, and Reggie successfully sailing through his debut, a starring role in Doc Martin, ITV’s successful television show which is on Series Eight. It stars Martin Clunes, and is filmed on location at Port Isaac in Cornwall.

Reggie says: "I had to woof, chase a ball and be nice to children... all of which of course is second nature to me even though I'm only one! I even got paid with an ice cream at the end.

"I found the experience very rewarding apart from all the hanging around and the hours in hair and makeup, which was, frankly boring."

Now it's time for Reggie to go on his next adventure, travelling to foreign parts, and we are inviting you to join him on those travels...

Day 1 - The big adventure begins

So the big day has come, I've got my passport and am ready to start the big adventure with Mummy and Daddy.... but am I? I must say that this couch is feeling rather comfortable, and rather than travelling to foreign climes, and apparantly having to wear a muzzle once abroad, maybe I'll just stay here with the rest of the staff...


Day 2 - I survived

Well, I survived 24 hours on a big rough ship. I channeled George Clooney in The Perfect Storm for my inspiration... it was simply exhausting... my lovely home in North Somerset seems a world away...

Day 3 - Where's the self preservation society?

Where's Michael Caine in The Italian Job, he said he'd be here with the self preservation society!!!... oh no, I'm in France!


Day 4 - 72 hours in France...

Brad Pitt had Seven Years in Tibet, I've only got 72 hours of the French Connection, I will need a massage and a facial by the end of all this...

Day 5 - It must be love...

Oh no, I think he loves me... and there I was thinking no one did!


Day 6 - Sitting on the dock of the bay...

Just in case I'm called up to join Ross on Poldark, I'm gazing enigmatically out sea... Demelza... where are you?

Day 7 - Allo Allo

Oh no, captured by 'les flics'... save me Mum...