Debbie visits Neo-Natal Intensive Care Support Unit

Tuesday 19th April 2016

Debbie was a guest recently at a special visit to the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Support Unit (NICU) at Southmead Hospital to see the work that the dedicated team carry out to help the smallest of premature babies in their first crucial days and weeks of life and to see the benefits of her company’s fund raising and voluntary support at first hand.

‘It was an amazing morning,’ said Debbie. ‘I was fully expecting it to be emotional and fact it was quite the opposite. The dedication of the team, their positive attitude and the wonderful atmosphere in the unit was uplifting and truly positive.’

‘I had no idea that tiny babies can flourish in the unit after being delivered as early as 23 weeks gestation. Without this sort of intensive care this would just not be possible ad we are so very honoured to be able to support such a worthy cause.’

‘A crucial part of their recovery,’ adds Debbie ‘is providing these tiny babies with breast milk and I was delighted to also meet Mike Burns, Bloodbikes NICU Support charity founder, who work for  NICU collecting  breast milk from  new mums with spare milk in the locality to feed to these  premature babies. This service hugely improves their chance of survival and just could not exist without fund raising, community and voluntary support.’

One such fund raiser is the Chew Valley 10k and Debbie Fortune Estate Agents are its main sponsor.

She visited the unit with Denise Mellersh who organises this annual event, which this year takes place on Sunday 19th June. If you would like to run, have fun and help this wonderful organisation have a look at