We’re ten years old on January 19th 2019!

When DEBBIE FORTUNE ESTATE AGENTS started in the depths of the recession with economic doom and gloom the flavour of the day , who could have thought that ten years later they would have three fabulous offices, a team of nearly thirty , a reputation that is the envy of their competitors and ...still remain, independently owned and run!

 ‘January 19th 2009 seems an age ago’, says Debbie, ‘ my husband , Mark , and I opened the door, with just one other member of staff , some part time help and lots of trepidation!’ 

‘Fast forward through many 80 hour weeks and sleepless nights, to a slowly growing team and on to 2014 where our services were in such high demand over the Chew Valley area that we couldn’t cope from just one office...so we expanded into a second office in Chew Magna and increased the team dramatically. ‘

‘ Backwell office opened in 2017 and we expanded again last year into fabulous new offices in Congresbury . ‘

‘I couldn’t be happier’  adds Debbie. ‘ I’m so proud of everyone who has been part of our journey and thank them with every bone in my body...and...without their support and the support of the community we just couldn’t have achieved anything like this success.

Roll on the next ten years!’