Wrington receives feedback from satisfied new vendors!

Wrington office also had feedback recently from new vendors in Banwell who moved to us from another agent and they emailed us to say:
"Our feedback to you is the action-oriented focus, enthusiasm, the whole Team coming across as really joined up and focussed is a massive breath of fresh air after our prior experience - and very evident how your whole Team works after just 2 weeks - very impressed and happy right now. If we had only had a couple of viewings, we both think we would feel the same - the fact you are delivering as well gives us great confidence we will get a good outcome with the Fortune Team. Know we have a way to go yet, but impressed and satisfied enough to put finger to the keyboard after today to call out how good we have felt about our first 2 weeks of trusting you to deliver on this one for us - and it's all good."
We've now agreed a sale for them!