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Reg joined the company on 30th July 2016, an 11-week-old black and tan Jack Russell puppy. In the beginning he was a bit young to go out on viewings, etc, so he stayed in the office to entertain and provide company for the staff. Over the coming weeks he's become an integral part of the business.

During the summer, apart from playing ball in the garden and sleeping, he went with Mummy to various fetes and shows around the area, raising money for various community charities, and taking part in Congresbury Fete's Dog Show. This lead to an acting role, and Reggie successfully sailing through his debut, a starring role in Doc Martin, ITV’s successful television show which is on Series Eight. It stars Martin Clunes, and is filmed on location at Port Isaac in Cornwall.

Reggie says: "I had to woof, chase a ball and be nice to children... all of which of course is second nature to me even though I'm only one! I even got paid with an ice cream at the end.

"I found the experience very rewarding apart from all the hanging around and the hours in hair and makeup, which was, frankly boring."

Now it's time for Reggie to go on his next adventure, travelling to foreign parts, and we are inviting you to join him on those travels...

Here’s my best friend Nooshka enjoying the sun in my garden.

I really love her except she’s very noisy and she hunts little mice and then brings them in for Mummy to try and save.

That seems mean to me , after all , I say ‘Live and let live’..even if you’re a little mouse.

Reggie's Summer Holiday

Day 1 - The big adventure begins

So the big day has come, I've got my passport and am ready to start the big adventure with Mummy and Daddy.... but am I? I must say that this couch is feeling rather comfortable, and rather than travelling to foreign climes, and apparantly having to wear a muzzle once abroad, maybe I'll just stay here with the rest of the staff...


Day 2 - I survived

Well, I survived 24 hours on a big rough ship. I channeled George Clooney in The Perfect Storm for my inspiration... it was simply exhausting... my lovely home in North Somerset seems a world away...

Day 3 - Where's the self preservation society?

Where's Michael Caine in The Italian Job, he said he'd be here with the self preservation society!!!... oh no, I'm in France!


Day 4 - 72 hours in France...

Brad Pitt had Seven Years in Tibet, I've only got 72 hours of the French Connection, I will need a massage and a facial by the end of all this...

Day 5 - It must be love...

Oh no, I think he loves me... and there I was thinking no one did!


Day 6 - Sitting on the dock of the bay...

Just in case I'm called up to join Ross on Poldark, I'm gazing enigmatically out sea... Demelza... where are you?

Day 7 - Allo Allo

Oh no, captured by 'les flics'... save me Mum...


Day 8 - Modern Architecture...

"I'm usually bit puzzled by modern architecture, but this Frank Gehry has a great future. I think he should design a museum... what's that...? HE HAS!!"

Day 9 - Frustration

It's so frustrating when your feet don't reach the pedals....never mind, the chauffeur is on the way!


Day 10 - The secret of wine

"I've just discovered how humans make wine. It's amazing... it comes from grapes... it seems to be a big thing around here. I can't see what the fuss is about, I prefer a lamb chop myself!"

Day 11 - Nothing like stretching out in the sun...

"Now I know what a nice lunch and a glass of Rioja does to you... it sends you to sleep!"


Day 12 - Do we really have to go?

"Have we really got to go cos I like it here?"

Day 13 - OK, lets go...

"Ok then if you insist!"


Day 14 - Clang, Clang, Clang...

"The hills are alive with the Sound of Music... and cow bells... it's driving me mad, they don't even woof back... !"


Day 15 - It's a bit steep...

"Ok boys... there's no way I'm driving down there, unless I can keep my eyes closed ALL THE WAY!"


Day 16 - See, it's true...

"All boys CAN multi task, I didn't drop the ball once, and I can drive too!"

Day 17 - Prezzies

"I love Brittany Ferries. I got a great big bone, a new bowl AND a sponge bag... although I didn't know I needed one!"


Day 18 - Don't let the sun go down on me...

"Please don't let the sun go down on me... all I want now is my own bed and to say hello to 'TEDDY' in good old North Somerset!"

Day 19 - It's oh so good to get home...

"Phew... however nice it is to travel, and see new places, and learn new languages, nothing beats sleeping in your own bed. Here's mine in good old North Somerset... and with 'TEDDY' to snuggle up to!"



Firstly, now I’m two years old I have decided to take a more mature view on life...and so in January 2019 I am making NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS! Here’s the first one...



This is a really sensible one because last year I had to have a horrible stay in hospital in France AND AN OPERATION ! to take out not one but two nasty bits of ball... I certainly don’t want to go through that again.



Stop asking for new toys and get out all my old ones.


I had a punch up with a Fox in my garden last night . He chased me all the way up the garden as far as the back door...I ran so fast I hurt my foot. But luckily the lovely vets at Watkins and Tasker looked after me... just in time for me to be PAGEDOG at Uncle Bens wedding!

Don’t think much of my purple sock though!!



This is my friend Murphy..

Cuddled up in his basket at the North Somerset Show yesterday. He moved over to make space for me, but I was really disappointed in his lack of social graces. His conversation skills are frankly shocking...I just couldn’t get a word out of him. I have to forgive him though cos he let me eat all his lunch!

Gosh... I’m really excited about next Sunday.

It’s the Mendip Classic Car Run and I get to choose if I want a ride in Blubottle, Daddy’s 1937 Lagonda... or Mummy’s 1950 Alvis TB 14. As you can see I really like Mummy’s car as it’s black , exactly like me. So we match! If you like cars like me come and see me this Sunday on Wells Cathedral Green from mid afternoon. There should be around 150 cars there!..and Mummy's very happy as we’re raising money for charity!


Here’s my best friend Nooshka enjoying the sun in my garden.

I really love her except she’s very noisy and she hunts little mice and then brings them in for Mummy to try and save.

That seems mean to me , after all , I say ‘Live and let live’..even if you’re a little mouse.

Look at me I can fly!!


Look at me I can dig!!!

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